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Welcome to your Project Management Portal.

The information and dates included are to assist you in accomplishing your work as a Project Management Group.

Please mark tasks as done once you have attended to them, you will receive reminder emails automatically if you don’t.

Feel free to add more tasks as relevant to your project.

When adding documentation such as six monthly reports:

Name and upload your completed document, (in the document section of the relevant phase)

Select notify all users or specifically “AMercy.Admin” and send

Go to the specific task and mark as complete (this will also serve to turn off reminder emails).

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January 1, 2018

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The PMG is appointed by the Australian Mercy Board to oversee a project within the framework of the policies and procedures of Australian Mercy. In essence the PMG looks after the practical details of a project as it is framed in the Project Proposal. They regularly report back to the Australian Mercy Board citing the project’s progress, difficulties and any changes that are made to the original project proposal.

The Australian Mercy Board provides the legal framework through which all projects are able to meet regulatory standards with such bodies as The Australian Tax Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission.

The PMG meets regularly, (at least twice in any 6-month reporting period, either face to face or electronically), to make and execute decisions that will hopefully ensure the continued success of the project.

Below are a series of tasks and tools to assist you in your project responsibilities.

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Monitoring and reporting are management processes serving major purposes in the internal and external review of the project’s progress towards its goals.  It is a description of what is happening in the project, and more importantly is an analysis for both the beneficiaries and the various stakeholders, of how and why the project is developing the way it is.

There is a clear expectation of both donors and government regulators that monitoring and reporting is done regularly and accurately.

Project accountability need not be onerous, but measures need to be put in place in order to show that funds are being expended in ethical ways and the outcomes of the project are consistent with the project proposal. Reporting and monitoring is the primary way that accountability is expressed.

Reporting Schedule overview

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A projects staff and volunteers are a critical component to its success.

It is important to allocate time and resources to their development and wellbeing.

The tasks listed below are those that are considered essential but of course you should add more that are specific to your location requirements.

Please utilise the Australian Mercy Policy and Procedures manual as this will assist you in meeting legal obligations as well as generally providing your personnel with a healthy work environment.  Note that the templates provided in the PandP Manual can be used as is or edited for your specific location.

Note you should select percentages related to how well you feel you have accomplished the given task, mark as complete when satisfied it is completed.

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Use this area to list specific tasks that are unique to your project.

Add as many tasks as you like.

You can add tasks to the other phases if that is more convenient.  Be sure to add start and finish dates.

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