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Each year thousands of people in need are helped through the work of Australian Mercy, its donors and our Strategic Corporate Partners. Australian Mercy is seeking more Strategic Corporate Partnerships to help it in the work that it does.

What are Strategic Corporate Partnerships?
A Strategic Corporate Partnership is where businesses or corporations seek to partner with Australian Mercy in the work that it does. These partnerships range from solely financial support to a more integrated approach.

A business becomes a strategic corporate partner once they donate $5,000 or more to Australian Mercy or one of its projects in a single 12 month period. From there the Strategic Corporate Partner can become more involved in a project if they choose to do so. Opportunities may be found for corporate partners to visit projects and offer support in other ways such as the donation of skills and personnel to in-country project sites

Benefits to Strategic Corporate Partners include;

  • a certificate of partnership for display in their premises,
  • promotion of their business on the Australian Mercy web site ( and newsletters,
  • tax deductibility for all gifts,
  • opportunity for closer engagement with the an Australian Mercy project.
  • be informed as to what is happening with a project they have selected to support and receive updates twice a year
  • receive a copy of the Australian Mercy Annual Report.

    Business Support
    Some businesses may not be able to afford a donation of $5,000 per year but may want to make a one off or regular donations that are project specific. Businesses that donate to our projects do so tax deductibly. Once they have donated more than $1000 towards any one project they will receive a Certificate of thanks from Australian Mercy which they can display in their premises.

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