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Rahab is an outreach, referral and support service for women who are currently or have previously been involved in the sex industry.

Sex work can be broadly defined as the exchange of sexual services for payment or reward. However, there is much diversity in the way these exchanges take place. It may take place on the streets, in brothels, privately or through escorts. Rahab endeavours to reach and assist individuals working in all of these different settings.

We acknowledge that sex work is not limited to women and that there are men involved in the sex industry as well. However, Rahab’s focus is specifically women.

Rahab’s desire is to help restore, inspire and assist those who feel trapped in the sex industry.
We do this by:

  • Outreach; visiting places where sex work occurs, offering gifts, prayer support, God’s love and a listening ear.
  • Referral; we have links with support services in Adelaide and can refer to different services depending on their individual needs.
  • Support; we endeavour to provide practical, emotional and spiritual support through phone contact, coffee catch ups, prayer, hospital visitations or emotional support when attending court hearings.
  • and other needs as required.
  • Sex workers are citizens and members of our community, just like individuals involved in other professions. At the same time as engaging in sex work they raise children, attend school or university, trying to maintain independence. They are our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

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    Rahab has pioneered services in many cities in Australia as well as several locations over seas. Currently only the work in our Adelaide centre qualifys for tax deductibility for Australian tax purposes.