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Tax deductibility and International giving

Poverty brings terrible deprivation upon children, families, communities and entire countries. Helping people out of poverty means assisting them to become self-sustaining, and this brings rewards that will benefit not only them, but generations to come. Your donation will directly benefit those you have intended to help.

Admin Expenses

Australian Mercy has a capped administration charge of just 5% on all project donations it receives in order to help cover its running costs. This means that 95% of the funds you donate will be sent to the project you have nominated.

Statement on your donation.

Emergency Appeals

Funds raised for an emergency appeal are applied to the emergency response and for rehabilitation activities in the affected areas. If funds raised exceed the amount needed for this appeal, funds will be reallocated to an appeal of similar focus or towards ongoing development in the effected area.

Specific Projects

All funds raised for specific projects are used according to the project plan and may include provision of food, shelter, clean water, blankets, mosquito nets, sanitation, child protection services as per the project plan and documentation.

Grant Funding

When we apply for grant funding, or corporate sponsorship the administration fee we write into the budget is 10% of the total amount sought. We also have a group of enthusiastic donors who also make donations directly into into our administration fund. Our desire is to maximise the funds that we send to projects. Because Australian Mercy is staffed by volunteers we are able to keep our administration costs low.

Willed - Legacy giving

Since its launch in 2020, Willed has helped tens of thousands of Australians write their legal wills, creating thousands of bequests valued in the millions for a wide range of Australia's best known charities and grass-roots organisations like Australian Mercy.

Australian Mercy has partnered with Willed, which means we are hosting their logo on our website as a convenience to our supporters and an encouragement to leave a legacy by bequeathing a percentage of your estate to Australian Mercy.