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ICare4U PNG is a service directed towards women and children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea.iCare4U-Directors-Team

HIV is a condition that is poorly understood leading to stigmatisation of those affected by their communities. The fear of HIV/AIDS has caused many families to turn away from supporting their loved ones. Fear, shame, isolation, depression, neglect or abandonment often follows. Treatment is often poorly managed and ineffective.

It is estimated around 1200 children are born HIV+ each year in PNG. Children are sometimes abandoned, isolated and left needing care and support.

ICare4U will offer care to children orphaned or abandoned by their communities. Women will be provided with a safe place to receive treatment and personal restoration. Communities will be supported through education to enable them to provide sustainable support enabling affected people to remain in them.

ICare4U is developing a property at Gereka about 6km from Port Moresby. This will include staff accommodation, accommodation for children, their carers, and women, and training facilities.

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