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Malaria is one of the largest killers of children in the world today. It is exclusively spread by the female Anopheline mosquito and each year in sub Saharan Africa up to 2 million people die from it. In Burma, over 40% of IDP deaths in Burma are from Malaria.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that each year there are up to 500 million episodes of malaria every year. That is up to 10 infections a minute, which translates into 300 deaths a day.

Malaria has a huge economic impact not only in terms of time lost in the work place but because of the escalating health costs. It is especially devastating in sub Saharan Africa where a child dies every 30 seconds from the disease. Many children who survive an episode of severe malaria may suffer from learning impairments or brain damage. The World Bank estimates that Malaria can affect a countrys economic performance and reduce its GDP by up to a full percentage point.

Malaria is found in many places mainly in tropical areas but the most cases are found in Africa, Asia and Central and South America. It is dominant in country´s whose economies are struggling and poverty is high.

There are 4 main types of parasite that cause Malaria the most deadly is plasmodium falciparum which causes a strain of Malaria known as PF Malaria. This strain of Malaria can kill a person within days especially when it becomes cerebral malaria. The happens when the PF malaria parasites in the blood block the capillaries of the brain. PF malaria is responsible for up to 90% of malaria deaths in Africa alone!

To beat Malaria we have to help people to make the right connections so that they can address the disease and meet the challenge head on. Empowering NGOs and local communities is the key to reducing the death toll.Say NO to Malaria.

What is Buzz Off?

Buzz Off is an initiative of Australian Mercy that is designed to help NGOs and small communities address the Malaria problem in the areas in which they work.

Buzz Off is an initiative of Australian Mercy (ARMS) that is designed to help individuals NGOs and small communities better address the impact that Mosquito borne diseases are having on their communities.

Here’s how it works. Any individual NGO or local community can be a signatory to the Buzz Off Charter. This charter outlines the problem of Malaria and obliges all signatories to raise the profile of Malaria education, prevention, testing and treatment with in any projects that they run and relationships they have.

By making Malaria a higher priority more will be done to eradicate the disease.

Buzz Off is also a means through which signatory organizations can share resources through the the Buzz Off web site. Educational material, resources and information can be downloaded so that more information is available to more people.

This web site also carries up to date information about Malaria as well as containing links to useful information.

Finally through its fund raising efforts and sale of nets and testing equipment BuzzOff provides testing kits and small grants for Malaria focused programs so that places that have few resources are not left out of the campaign.

Buzz Off wants to see what can be done to help small communities to better manage the Mosquito populations that are causing the diseases that are taking away their health and their livelihoods. We believe that Malaria and by extension other Mosquito borne diseases can be beaten if we apply the 5 Buzz Off principles to a community. These principles are;

Quick diagnosis
Proper treatment

By empowering small NGOs and local communities we can improve Malaria program effectiveness, and lessen the mortality rate at the local level.

Buzz Off will also do its part by distributing malaria testing kits, impregnated mosquito nets and antimalarial medicines to local communities. We also provide training materials and have a grants program to fund Malaria prevention programs.

Australian Mercy has been running the Buzz Off program on the Thai Burmese border and in Greater Myanmar since 2008. In that time we have provided 21,110 Rapid Diagnostic Test kits and treated 15,425 cases of malaria in IDP areas. It has given malaria training to 122 medics working in IDP clinics, and has distributed 18,101 family sized LLIN mosquito nets into IDP areas. In greater Myanmar we have trained over 300 malaria workers and set up 4 healthcare networks that are servicing villages in remote areas.

A brochure about Buzz Off in PDF format can be found here.

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