The island nation of Vanuatu was hit by 2 severe tropical cylones in the space of 3 days, TC Judy (Category 3) on March 1st and TC Kevin (Category 4) on March 3rd 2023. The first cyclone caused severe damage to housing, community buildings, infrastucture, vegetation and crops. Then, before the community had a chance to recover, the second one hit with greater force and moved slowly, punishing an already damaged community for at least another 8 hours. The government has now declared a State of Emergency for the next 6 months.

Australian Mercy staff are already on the ground assessing damage, consulting with disaster management officials, village chiefs and local community organisations, assessing where best we can assist. Volunteer work teams will initially start by assisting in recovery in village and squatter areas in the Shefa province. Donated funds will provide for the purchase of food and water, first aid supplies, building materials, tools and the means to assist in distribution of these items.

We are grateful for any donation assistance.

Tank yu tumas (Thank you very much) for your help.