Christmas in the camp brings hope to a desperate situation

Things are not going well for the 60,000 refugees in Mae-la Refugee camp. The military is tightening security so that outsiders have very little access to the camp, rice rations are being reduced, and services are being lost.

Happy Christmas to all our staff, friends and donors.

The Board of Australian Mercy would like to wish all our donors, supporters, staff, volunteers and project clients a very happy and blessed Christmas. We hope that you and your families will have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Annual General Meeting

We have successfully completed our AGM and you may read our annual report here

Syria Crisis Continues

he recent crisis in Syria that has seen massive refugee movements as the Turkish army advances into Kurdish occupied areas close to its border.

Australian Mercy AGM

Our AGM is scheduled for Tuesday the 22 of October at 3pm. We will meet at 2 Wentworth St Port. Kembla NSW.

Big news for RescueNet

the Australian Mercy Board received the resignation of Mark Cockburn from his position as the RescueNet Australia National Coordinator.

Great things are happening in Timor Leste

The Australian Mercy Board had the great privilege of doing a monitoring visit on two of our projects in Timor Leste; these are located in Hera and Bahareduk.

It’s Christmas in July!

It’s Christmas in July the time when Australia does Christmas in the winter time! This is also the time that Australian Mercy begins to fundraise for Christmas in the Camp! In Mae-la camp there is little for children to do. Food rations are reduced, medical services are almost no existent …

Rice Shortage in Mae La Camp

Since the beginning of 2014, Australian Mercy has committed to funding a nutritional supplement to those we work with in the Mae La refugee camp on the Thailand/Burma border.  Recently is was reported that the situation with rice in Mae-la is getting worse. We urgently need to raise funds for our nutritional supplements program …

RescueNet are in Mozambique

Cyclone Idai has wreaked havoc in Mozambique. It is an international disaster that has displaced many thousands of people. WHO are expecting large outbreaks of Cholera and Malaria thousands of families are at risk. RescueNet is on site and are providing emergency relief to thousands of displaced families. The team …

Emergency Appeal for Papua floods

Flash flooding in Papua has claimed dozens of lives and many families are not able to return to their homes until the waters subside. Australian Mercy has a Buzz Off malaria team on the ground who are able to assist those negatively affected by the floods. We are currently trying …

Christmas in the camp – Report

Christmas 2018 in Mae-la camp was amazing. This year 1700 preschool children plus another 200 who invited themselves, plus 120 middle school children plus 107 teachers and staff all celebrated Christmas in the camp in December. The celebrations went from preschool to preschool and were completed over the second and …

Annual General Meeting – Completed

We are happy to notify that our 2018 AGM has been completed successfully. For those interested you can read our Annual Report here

Happy Christmas to all our friends and donors

The Board of Australian Mercy would like to wish all our donors, supporters, staff, volunteers and project clients a very happy and blessed Christmas. We hope that you and your families will have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.      

The Indonesian training team are doing a great job!

Last July we trained a team of Buzz Off trainers in Papua, Indonesia. This team were easy to train and very keen. This week we received from the team photos of some of the malaria training that they have been doing in remote Papua. They have been running awareness training …

Australian Mercy AGM 2018

Australian Mercy will hold its annual general meeting on Friday, September 28 2018, at 2 Wentworth St Port Kembla commencing at 2:00 PM. All members are invited to attend. If you are unable to attend please download a proxy form here, or email the National Office and request a proxy …

Buzzoff in Indonesia

Buzzoff in IndonesiaFor three weeks in June and July 2018 we will have a team in Papua a province of Indonesia. They will be working with local communities to develop their own training program which can be used to multiply the awareness and skills needed to combat malaria. The team …

Robin Wales receives OAM for his work with Australian Mercy

On May 23, 2018, Robin Wales received an OAM from the Governor of Queensland for his work amongst the Karen over many years. The Malaria bench aids that Robin prepared and the microscopy training that he has done over many years in Thailand and Burma have saved thousands of lives …

Buzz Off Training to team heading to Burma for March Seminar training

The Buzz Off training team will be heading back to Myanmar at the end of February to run malaria training in Nagaland and Kachin State. The team will be away for approx 3 weeks. These areas are highly malarious and we are looking forward to being with the trainees. This …

Over 2000 children celebrate Christmas in Mae-la preschools and primary schools

It has taken some time to get photos back but we can now report that over 2000 preschool and primary schools children celebrated Christmas in December preschools and a primary school, thank to the generosity of Australian Mercy Donors. Each child received a small present, ate a nutritious meal for …

2017 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Metting for Australian Relief and Mercy Services Ltd was completed on Monday 20 Nov 2017. Australian Mercy would like to thank its wonderful members, its staff and Directors and our auditor Tony Khoury for all the hard work that has gone into getting the our AGM process …