3000 Nets Appeal

DSCF1198Despite our shipment of 6000 nets arriving in Mae Sot  we need more nets – we will need to raise funds for a further 3000 nets by May this year.  In May the wet season starts and mosquito numbers will increase as with the malaria. The nets we have sent so far are on their way into IDP areas deep in Karen State with a few going to Mae-la camp – the extra 3000 LLIN nets we have ordered will increase the numbers of nets we are placing in Mae-la camp and help also IDP areas that are closer to the border. Some of the nets will be distributed closer to poor communities who live closer to the border.

(What is an LLIN net?)

These nets will cost $15,000 ($5 per net) and we need your help to buy them. The price is a great price. It includes the cost of transport and importation. Normally these costs plus the price of the net would make the total cost closer to $10 per net ( $30,000).  We have moved quickly to secure these nets at this price. We need to pay for this order in a month in order for them to be shipped into Thailand and be in Mae Sot for distribution by the end of April. Can you help?

Tax deductible donations towards these nets can be made here


Australian donors – inorder to receive a tax deductible receipt select Buzz Off  nets for the donation target.


US / Canadian donors in order to receive a tax receipt please press on the tab near to your flag and follow the instructions you find there.