Refill Strips


To be used with the haemoglobin test kit these are refill/replacement test strips. Ideal for testing anemia   Buy Now!   Australian Customers please add 10% GST  
All proceeds are directly invested into the Buzzoff Malaria Prevention Project

Full Haemoglobin Test Kit


Replacement Haemoglobin Test Strips

Malaria, is very much related to Anemia.

Red blood cells are infected by the malaria parasites entering the blood after an infective mosquito bite.

At the end of that infection cycle, red blood cells rupture.

This process lowers the amount of red blood cells and can in a severe stage cause severe anemia.

Anemia testing is a helpful indicator of a patients wellbeing.

Note these test kits are for Haemoglobin testing so are useful not only in the fight against Malaria.