Australian Mercy emergency appeal for Burma (IDPs)

Violence against protesters on the streets of Burma.

The tragedy that is happening in Myanmar is causing enormous pain to many. The military coup on February 1, has seen the military kill its citizens on the streets, and in remote rural areas the Burma army (Tatmadaw) is attacking predominantly Karen areas, thousands of civilians have been displaced and are hiding in the forests. Some groups continue to be shelled by the military. They have nothing, just a few possessions that they could scrape together before they ran for their lives.

Over 5000 new IDPs are heading for the border

Many IDPs are heading towards the refugee camps on the Thai border which have been sealed because of covid 19. The Thai military will not allow them to cross.

Over 5,000 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) are known to be in the forests at this time, but as the fighting in the cities goes on and the attacks in rural areas continue, the numbers of IDPs and would-be refugees will only increase.

Four refugee camps for IDPs are forming close to the Thai/Burmese border. At this time, we still cannot get aid into the cities to help those who are suffering under the attacks of the Tatmadaw there, but we can get aid to the IDP camps that are forming at the Thai/ Burma border.

Australian Mercy is launching an emergency appeal, to provide food, clothing, medicines and basic aid the IDPs we can reach inside Myanmar. This appeal will be ongoing as we cannot see this situation resolving itself in the immediate.

Your donation will help to save a life.