Australian Mercy starts revolving door loan fund to assist refugees

WWPAustralian Mercy has been working with a refugee family here in Australia that have an urgent need, and we want to help them in a way that gets them over the line but also helps them to take responsibility for themselves and their family.

This family we are assisting are desperate to be reunited in Australia. The husband is an Australian citizen who came to Australia as a refugee in 2011. His wife and child are in Mae-la camp and have been refused refugee status by the Australian government. The only hope this family has of being reunited is to go through the process of bringing the wife and child across on a Partner Visa. Which will cost about $10,000 plus legal costs.

The husband works in a plant nursery and is not wealthy and if he is going to get his wife and family to Australia he will have to borrow money. The banks wont talk to him and if we cannot help him then his only hope is a loan shark.

There are other refugees who will also be facing similar situations.

At Australian Mercy we are setting up a revolving door loan fund to help this refugee family and others like them. The idea of the fund is that through it we make loans that will help refugees be reunited with their families as they repay these loans that money becomes available to be loaned to other refugees who are experiencing similar problems.

The family we have mentioned above will be the first beneficiaries of this fund – you can download their story here;


Tax deductible donations towards this  appeal can be made here

Thank you for your kind support!