Australian Mercy statement on COVID 19

The COVID 19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in many nations including Australia. Millions have been infected and thousands continue to die.

Social distancing is reducing the impact that the virus is having on our health system. We await the development of a vaccine!

Australian Mercy’s staff within Australia and overseas are putting strategies in place to stop the spread of COVID 19. Project sites that cannot operate safely have been closed and staff are either staying home or where it is possible, are working from home.

We are encouraging the communities we work in, to self-isolate, wash hands, practice self-distancing and to take the necessary precautions to lessen the spread and impact of the disease.

Australian Mercy has produced an information sheet about COVID 19 which is being translated and distributed to projects for them to disseminate. Available translations are currently, English, Burmese and Indonesian

Soap delivered to Mae-la camp

Mae-la camp has been in lockdown for months. The lockdown is not related to COVID virus, but to the deprivation of liberties and rights of the refugees. Because of the lack of medical services in the camp, and the closeness at which people in the camp are forced to live.

Despite these terrible conditions, Australian Mercy is trying to assist the refugees to be COVID safe. We have already managed to get one delivery of soap and washing powder into Mae-la camp despite the lockdown and we are trying to get more deliveries done so that refugees can at least wash their hands even if they cannot self isolate.

We are also seeking to provide the means by which the refugees can manufacture their own soap in the camp.

Other communities we have worked in, in Myanmar are also asking for support with soap making.

Australian Mercy will only reopen project sites and offices once it is safe to do so and we are sure that by doing so the safety of the communities we are serving will not be compromised in any way.

COVID 19 will change our world and once the emergency is over it will take some time before life will resume at the same levels it had when we lived in a pre-COVID world.

Australian Mercy would covet your prayers and support as we travel in these uncharted COVID waters.

Donations to Australian Mercy can be made thought our secure website.