Christmas in the camp 2021

It is time for us to launch our annual Christmas appeal, Christmas in the camp. We launch it in September so that we have enough time to get everything done in time for December.

Mask wearing and social distancing will be in place.

This year, due to COVID, things will be a little different, we will be making sure that masks, hand washing and social distancing measures are all in place so that the risk of the events becoming Super Spreader events is minimised.

Our 2021 Christmas event will provide a nutritious Christmas Dinner, most likely Chicken and rice and vegetables, and there will be some light Christmas entertainment.

In order to do this, we need to raise, $5,000. This amount will include food and COVID prevention measures for up to 1500 children and preschool staff.

A nutritious Christmas Dinner will be served.

The camp has very low morale at the present time, due to heavy restrictions and further reductions in available food. This event will help to lift spirits and make sure that vulnerable children are receiving at least one highly delicious and nutritious meal.

Australian Mercy continues to give nutritional support to childre ad families in Mae-la camp who are at risk of becoming malnourished.

Your support of our Christmas appeal will help the children of Mae-la Camp, have a happy Christmas. Please give generously.

Donations can be made here. Just select “unique appeal” and put the word Christmas in the comments.

Thank you for your generous support