Coronavirus in Mae-la Camp

Scientists are telling us that the widespread of Coronavirus is inevitable and that we urgently need to slow it down so that we can deal with it without overloading our health systems.

The virus is in Thailand and Burma and Mae-la camp has less than basic health systems and the refugees there are at serious risk.

Australian Mercy is seeking to raise funds with which to supply soap and other items in order to slow down the spread of COVID 19 in Mae-la camp.

We are concerned that Mae-la being such a large stable population that lives in close proximity to each other will be subject to serious infections of COVID 19 that could sweep through the camp and kill many.

COVID19 threatens the lives of children like these at Mae-la camp

We want to deliver soap, towels washing powder, antiseptic cleaners and instructions in Karen language to the camp so that the refugees can be protected from COVID 19.

Please help the children of Mae-la camp and their families.

Your tax-deductible donation can be made below.

Thank you for your kind donation.