Emergency appeal for Mae-la camp

Rice distribution team Mae-la camp

Australian Mercy’s work at the Mae-la refugee camp continues. COVID and the neglect of the Thai military are causing a huge crisis among the more than 60,000 refugees who call the camp home.

These refugees are caught in a terrible situation where they are being severely neglected by the Thai army, which runs the camp, and they cannot return home because of the civil war which is happening just across the border. Services to the camp are few!

Australian Mercy has been working alongside the refugees at Mae-la since 1994. Our journey with them has been a privilege.

Australian Mercy continues to provide support to some of the few preschools left in the camp. We provide support for one of the schools and an emergency shelter for unaccompanied children living in the camp. We are also providing COVID support and a nutritional supplements program for families and children who are in danger of being malnourished. We also give support in the rainy season for the treatment and prevention of malaria.

in one of the preschools

This appeal hopes to raise $10,000 and is to cover all of these needs. The funds we have previously raised have been used and we now need to cover these programs for the coming months. With the monsoon season setting in about May, the occurrence of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases will increase.

Your donation will help save the life of a family or child and help with the continuance of preschool programs in the camp.

You can make a donation through our secure site.

Thank you for your kind donation