English teaching team returns from Mae-la camp



The English teaching that went to Mae-la camp to teach English has returned after an amazing outreach. Unexpected security issues in the camp limited the time the trainers could spend with teachers; but the time that they did have was amazing and very productive.

Sufficient training of trainers was done in order for those who were trained to be able to train others in the phonics based program that was delivered and taught by the Tasmanian team. In fact two further weeks of training is going on in the camp right now to teach those teachers who were not able to attend the training run by the Australian team. The ongoing phonics training has been greatly helped through the production of a series of phonics videos that were produced whilst the team were in Mae Sot.

Other teaching aids were also produced by the team and left with those that were trained in the camp.

(For security reasons we cannot show photos of the actual refugees doing the training.)

The time was amazingly encouraging for the refugees who are experiencing some sever difficulties in the camp at this time.

During the second week we were able to also deliver 22 bags of rice for the nutritional program, we also delivered medicines to control some skin diseases that were in one of the preschools.


Rumors had been going around Facebook that a serious outbreak of impetigo had broken out in the preschools in the camp. This rumor was in fact slightly overstated. The infection was limited to a few children in one preschool, we were able to leave the necessary medicines for the treatment of the impetigo and medicated soap to help reduce the possibility of any further spreading of the disease.  We also left medications behind for the treatment ringworm and scabies these two diseases that were also present at the time we were there.

Other medications given out through the preschool networks were treatments for malaria, child and adult paracetamol, vitamin supplements, and iron tablets to help reduce incidents of anemia.

Your support of Australian Mercy’s work with the Karen is doing a lot to bring relief and hope to the refugees living in Mae-la camp.

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