Just a couple of weeks until we start organizing Christmas in the Camp 2019

Christmas in the Camp is on the horizon. Each year Australian Mercy provides funds for approx. 2000 preschool children in Mae-la camp to have a Christmas party in their preschool.

Every December each of the 20 preschools holds an event where Christmas is celebrated. Each child receives a present, has Christmas dinner, which usually consists of a rice and chicken meal, and sings Christmas songs, does cultural dances. Participates in skits and plays. It’s a time of joy and laughter. It really is a wow of a time!

To do this for 2,000 preschool children each year costs us about $5,000. We have been trying to fundraise this at various points in the year so that the run-up to Christmas is not so pressured. It is now time to raise the balance of what is needed.

To date, we have raised about $1,000 we need to raise the balance of funds in the next few weeks.

Your donation will bring joy to a child in a refugee camp. With your help, we can match that joy with the provision of a very nutritious meal and a cultural event that will mean a lot to them. Christmas in the Camp is the most anticipated happening on the preschool calendar.

Donations can be made through the Australian Mercy website. Select Mae-la camp refugees Thailand, and put the word Christmas in the comments box.

Thank you for your kind donation.