Kid’s Ark repairs likely to exceed $90,000

Repairs to the Kid’s Ark site in Hera, Timor Leste have been examined by experts who cost the necessary repairs and renovations to be in excess of $90,000.

The buildings were badly damaged by the flash floods that were caused by Cyclone Seroja, which hit Timor-Leste Timor Leste on April 4. Walls, foundations and ceilings all need repairs. Until this work is done the buildings will not be habitable.

Kid’s Ark does an amazing job providing education, medical support and provides programs for people with disabilities in the Hera area. The loss of these buildings will badly affect their onsite operations.

Australian mercy has set up an emergency appeal to help raise funds for the necessary repair and renovations ofn these buildings. Your donation will help to make a difference.

Donations can be sent to this appeal here;