Military Coup in Burma – Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

The military coup in Burma has sent shock waves around the world. The democratically elected government of Aung San Suu Khi has been replaced by the military who look like they are planning for a long stay.

In the days after the coup, the military has started to tighten its grip on power with all dissidents and political rivals under lock and key. Banks and shops are closed, people do not have access to their money and cannot go to work. We have had reports of large groups of people aimlessly walking around trying to find food to feed their families. This situation has the potential to worsen if the basics of life cannot be provided.

Added to the effects of the coup, is the complicating factor of COVID 19. which is killing thousands every day. Burma is in a very difficult position.

Australian Mercy has been working in Myanmar (Burma) for many years and we have people on the ground who can provide help to communities who are suffering from lack of food, lack of soap, and lack of face masks.

Today we are launching an emergency appeal through which we can provide direct relief to communities in Myanmar who are affected by the coup and COVID 19.

As soon as we can have an assurance of the safe delivery of funds we will provide funding to our teams in Burma who can immediately start to provide emergency relief to communities who are suffering under these terrible circumstances.

Your donation will help to feed families who have no means to provide for themselves and provide soap and face masks for people who are living in communities that are battling COVID 19.

Your donation will save lives.

Please send your gift to Australian Mercy as soon as you can, and we will get it into the hands of those who can help as soon as we can.

Please type “Burma Emergency” in the comment section.

Australian Bank Tansfers can be made as follows;

ARMS Fundraising & Appeals Account – BSB 033 039 Account number 246746

If you do a transfer of funds, please email [email protected] and inform them of the date and amount of your gift, the appeal you are giving to, the name in which the receipt should be written, and an email address where can send the receipt.

Thank you for your generous support.