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Redefined – Congo

Redefined Ministries International DRC (Redefined) is an organisation based in the Mahagi region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Redefined is working to rebuild lives and communities after the damage caused by war. The people of the DRC have suffered at the hands of nationals, rebel groups and guerrilla armies from neighbouring countries since its independence from Belgium in 1960.

Redefined’s vision is to see the people of the Congo shed their image of a war-torn country, and be redefined into a nation that embraces the diversity of its people groups and who work together to build their nation. Redefined will achieve its vision through a multi-tiered approach, commencing with the establishment of:

  • Vocational ministries, creating employment opportunities and vocational training for men and women.
  • Women’s vocational ministries including poultry farming and building construction.
  • Congo Freedom Coffee (CFC), a business looking to bring fair trade opportunities and furthered education to farmers, whilst assisting the ministry to gain a degree of self-sustainability.
  • Schools at primary and secondary levels; with a special focus on inclusivity of children with disabilities.
  • Community development programs in the rural area of Jilasiga, including the building of roads, safe water sources and a medical centre.

Please stand by us in this much needed work. We are currently trusting for land sites, finances, and more workers.
Please contact RedefinedMinistriesDRCatgmaildotcom for more information or to offer your support. Our website is at and
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