RescueNet return safely

RN LogoRescueNet are a unique ministry that have been developed to be first responders in a disaster context. RescueNet go into a disaster well before other NGOs and stabalize the situation whilst other NGOs prepare their longer responses. By doing this hundreds of lives are saved that could have been lost. RescueNet are only on site for the maximum of a month. This unique niche that RescueNet fill is greatly appreciated in the disaster community.

RescueNet have released this visual of their time in the Philippines.

Thank you for supporting our appeal. To date we have raised almost $5000 which s half the costs we needed in order to pay for the delpoyment costs for the team the responded to the disaster. We will keep the appeal open until December 31, so that people can still give if tyhey choose to. Funds raised will help us to cover rescueNet costs and replensh supplies for the next deployment.

Donations to this appeal can be made via

our secure site.

Donations can be made here 

A copy of Australian Mercy’s policy statement on Emergency Appeals can be viewed here