Rice Shortage in Mae La Camp

Since the beginning of 2014, Australian Mercy has committed to funding a nutritional supplement to those we work with in the Mae La refugee camp on the Thailand/Burma border. 

Recently is was reported that the situation with rice in Mae-la is getting worse. We urgently need to raise funds for our nutritional supplements program in Mae-la camp.  As this article makes clear, the refugees in Thailand do not feel safe to return to Burma, and for good reason.  There is not a day where we do not hear about dangers from the Burmese military, land confiscations or landmines. As time progresses, food distributions in the camps continue to be reduced.

People are desperate, suicide rates are increasing, people are suffering from malnutrition and the camp administration continues to pressure the refugees with neglect.

To provide rice and tin fish supplements for the rest of the year to our already existing nutritional supplements program we need to raise another $15,000. If we are to extend the program to others, we need to raise much much more,

Please help us as we try to alleviate the continued suffering of families and children living in Mae-la camp.

Your donation will keep alive families who are in danger and who cannot look after themselves.

To make a donation, please click on this link: Karen Refugees and specify in the comments field that your donation is for the “Karen Rice Appeal”.  This link will give you the option of giving through Paypal/Credit Card or directly into our bank account (Offline Donation).

All donations made to this appeal are tax deductible.