Suicides at Mae-la are on the increase

blogger2Disturbing reports of significant rises in suicide rates in Mae-la camp are in the media.

These suicides are products of diminishing levels of hope in the refugees. Karen State id still unsafe for them to return to – third countries such as Australia and the US are taking less Karen refugees in favor of refugees form the Middle East, rice to camp is being cut and redirected to Syria. Many NGOs are leaving the border area and setting up in Yangon. Refugee services to the camp are being cut. The refugees are told that they are safe but their homeland is still full of landmines. There are still violent incidents against refugees by the Burma army and there are serious land issues – some refugees who have tried to returned have found that their village sites have been leased out to international companies who evict the returning refugees for trespassing.

To the Karen it seems that the world is turning its back and few are listening. That is why suicide rates in Mae-la are on the increase. Please continue to help us to continue to bring hope to the refugees at Mae-la camp.


Donations can be made through the Australian Mercy secure site.


Thank you for your kind support