Thankyou Senator Mason

IMG_0054Yesterday Australian Mercy National Director, David Skeat and Corina Moo met with Senator Brett Mason, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs at Senator Mason’s parliamentary offices to discuss the worsening situation in the refugee camps and specifically the effects that the cutting of rice quotas has had since November 2013.

Senator Mason  listened intently to Corina as she outlined some of the effects that the rice cuts have had on the nutritional programs within Mae-la camp, which has put over 2000 preschool children  at serious risk.

Senator Mason has asked departmental representatives to chase down these matters and will get back to Australian Mercy as quickly as possible.

There is no immediate quick fix to this situation, but Corina and David felt that they were heard and that Senator Mason was deeply concerned about the matters raised.

Thank you Senator Mason we look forward to further dialogue on these matters and better outcomes for the displaced people of Burma as the peace process moves forward.