Worst flash floods in 30 years hit Timor Leste

The worst flooding in 30 years in Timor Leste has killed more than 27 people and left hundreds homeless and without electricity and food.

The Kid’s Ark ministry centre in Hera has been badly affected and is underwater. At the present time, the team are unaware of the totality of damage that the flooding has caused to walls and foundations, this needs to be looked at later once the water has fully receded. All the staff living areas are ruined, and this will take weeks to clean up. Meanwhile, the team are trying to help neighbours as we as well clean up the inside of the house which is covered in mud, as the waters recede. Much damage has been done to the team’s living quarters and personal affects.

Soraya and Brianca and the team are safe, but their living situation and personal affects a completely ruined.

the floor inside part of the living quaters

Australian Mercy has started an emergency appeal to help the team in Hera clean up the ministry site and personal living areas, major repairs to the buildings may yet be needed.

Your donation will help this ministry to get back on its feet again after this unexpected disaster.

Donations can be made here.