Australian Mercy AGM

Australian Mercy will hold its 2022 AGM on Wednesday the 26th of October at 4pm AEDST. The meeting will be held online. Members and guests who would like to attend should email [email protected] and request a link to the meeting. Links will be sent out 48 hours before the meeting …

Emergency appeal for Mae-la camp

Australian Mercy’s work at the Mae-la refugee camp continues. COVID and the neglect of the Thai military are causing a huge crisis among the more than 60,000 refugees who call the camp home. These refugees are caught in a terrible situation where they are being severely neglected by the Thai …

The day of big changes has arrived!

Australian Mercy Logo

Well, it’s September 30, and today after 23 years in the job, I step down as Australian Mercy’s National Director. Kent Truehl will take over this key leadership position and will do it with great passion and kindness. I have known Kent for many years and am thrilled that he …

Christmas in the camp 2021

It is time for us to launch our annual Christmas appeal, Christmas in the camp. We launch it in September so that we have enough time to get everything done in time for December. This year, due to COVID, things will be a little different, we will be making sure …

Australian Mercy launches a campaign to put O2 concentrators in needy communities

In South East Asia, COVID 19 is killing thousands each day. In Burma, where COVID is particularly bad, the military junta is confiscating oxygen tanks and forcing the closure of pharmacies. People are dying in huge numbers. Through its partnerships, Australian Mercy is able to get medical oxygen concentrators delivered …

Big changes for two Australian Mercy projects.

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The new financial year has begun and with it comes two huge changes for Australian Mercy, both of which will have a significant impact on our work and ministry in the coming 12 months. These changes are the closure of RescueNet and the Nowra Community Store.

Worst flash floods in 30 years hit Timor Leste

The worst flooding in 30 years in Timor Leste has killed more than 27 people and left hundreds homeless and without electricity and food. The Kid’s Ark ministry centre in Hera has been badly affected and is underwater. At the present time, the team are unaware of the totality of …

Australian Mercy emergency appeal for Burma (IDPs)

The tragedy that is happening in Myanmar is causing enormous pain to many. The military coup on February 1, has seen the military kill its citizens on the streets, and in remote rural areas the Burma army (Tatmadaw) is attacking predominantly Karen areas, thousands of civilians have been displaced and are hiding in the forests. Some groups continue to be shelled by the military. They have nothing, just a few possessions that they could scrape together before they ran for their lives.

Military Coup in Burma – Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

In the days after the coup, the military has started to tighten its grip on power with all dissidents and political rivals under lock and key. Banks and shops are closed, people do not have access to their money and cannot go to work. We have had reports of large groups of people aimlessly walking around trying to find food to feed their families.

A blessed Christmas to you all.

The Board of Australian Mercy would like to extend Christmas greetings to all of our staff, volunteers, donors, supporters and projects clients.

Australian Mercy’s 2019-2020 Annual reports are now available.

AustralianMercy has now completed its AGM process and has released its 2019-2020 Annual Reports. We would like to thank our amazing auditors T.A. Khoury and Co for their hard work in preparing this year’s financial reports. Copies of the newly released 2019-2020 Annual Reports can be downloaded from our website. …

Buzz Off provides COVID Support in Yangon

In the early part of the COVID crisis in Myanmar Buzz Off provided an information sheet about COVID 19 to remote parts of Burma through the Buzz Off team located in Yangon and its already existing networks. At the time this was one of the few sources on information available …

Christmas Appeal 2020

Australian Mercy is launching its Christmas Appeal for the children in Mae-la camp

COVID 19 in India

COVID 19 has had a huge effect in India. The National shutdown has caused a huge migration of the very poor as they make their way home or try to find somewhere where they can work.

Coronavirus in Mae-la Camp

Scientists are telling us that the widespread of Coronavirus is inevitable and that we urgently need to slow it down so that we can deal with it without overloading our health systems. The virus is in Thailand and Burma and Mae-la camp has less than basic health systems and the …

Coronavirus (COVID 19) is now a pandemic

The World Health Organization has declared coronavirus (COVID 19) a pandemic. The virus which was first discovered in Wuhan China has now spread to 114 countries, has seen over 120,000 known infections and nearly 5,000 deaths at the time of writing of this post. Whilst symptoms can seem mild for …

Christmas in the camp brings hope to a desperate situation

Things are not going well for the 60,000 refugees in Mae-la Refugee camp. The military is tightening security so that outsiders have very little access to the camp, rice rations are being reduced, and services are being lost.

Happy Christmas to all our staff, friends and donors.

The Board of Australian Mercy would like to wish all our donors, supporters, staff, volunteers and project clients a very happy and blessed Christmas. We hope that you and your families will have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.